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newborn photos
newborn photos
newborn photos
newborn photos
newborn photos
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When do you photograph newborns?

I typically photograph newborns 5-10 days after birth. This is when they are the most sleepy, least responsive to touch and can still still curl into those typical newborn poses. I suggest contacting me at least a month before your due date to book your session. DON'T WORRY! We won't set a date yet. But by giving me your due date I can ensure that I leave enough space in my schedule for your little one whenever they decide to arrive.

How long will my Newborn Session take?

Newborn sessions take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the baby. Newborns are on their own schedule and I try my best not to rush them and cause unnecessary stress on baby and Mom! I'm there for as long as it takes for baby to settle and get the shots.

I'm sure that seems completely overwhelming. But once I'm there I can do the majority of the settling and soothing! Feel free to eat, take a shower, relax on the couch - or even take a nap!

Do you have a studio?

I don't have a studio, as I prefer to go to my clients home for newborn sessions. I find that it is easier on Mom and Dad when they don't have to pack up and go anywhere with a fresh new baby. I bring everything I need with me. All I need from you is a 6' x 6' area to set up in front of some window light.

What do I need to supply?

You don't have to supply anything! I will bring everything I need with me - blankets, props, headbands etc. That being said, you're more than welcome to have a few things ready if you'd like to have them in a some of the portraits.

What if my baby doesn't sleep?

To this I say, they all fall asleep eventually! I bring a space heater so they are kept nice and warm and remember, a milk-drunk baby is a sleepy baby. I've had sessions where the baby wouldn't sleep, but once they did I was able to get all of the photos in half an hour. It's all up to baby!

What if they pee or poop during the session?

It happens! And it's happened on me more times than I can count. Don't stress about it! Everything can be washed and I always bring a change of clothes with me, just incase.